This week’s wine 101 ? and You TubeS: A peak inside the Pinot Noir filled Barker Hanger and Eve Proof EVEnts:

“Can I send wine back that I don’t like?”  This week’s wine 101 ?, as usual, was put to me in private.  Yes, if there’s something wrong with your wine, aka cork taint, but not because you decided you didn’t personally care for the flavor.  Unsure if it’s you or the wine?  Ask your server, or the restaurant/bar manager to sample it.  And be nice, don’t be confrontational, ever. 

Moving right along, this week I attended PinotDays (full post on the event will run tomorrow, January 21.)  I didn’t take the time to film any of the reps or winemakers that were there as I was, frankly, far too busy knee-deep in their Pinot.  I gave you a few seconds inside Barker Hanger, an airplane hanger in Santa Monica Airport, to see what you missed.

The second vid is me yakking it up as usual about events and such.  One highlight: Women on Wine is back!  

Click HERE for videos.