SCV Wine Fest: Story in Pictures

The event, our first SCV Wine Fest, has come and gone, almost a month ago.  But the photos are now trickling in and I thought it might be fun to take a gander at our first attempt.  Miss it?  Go the the LA Wine Fest in June, and we’ll see you next February back in the old SCV!

Yoko, me, Yoshi, Denise.  Two wine bloggers and two Sake experts = heaven.

Debbie Clark and Kym Cappi, two of the many beautiful ladies at the Fest.

The first wine of the day, no time for more wine bottle pics after that!

Chris Uhde, Scotch Master, showing off just some of his line-up

“Winery Toggles” decorate your bottle, then remove the lower decorations to use as wine identifiers on your wine glasses.

A whiskey I liked…