From my favorite wine bar in the world: Willi’s Post Cards Return & William’s Wedding

This latest Willi’s Bottle Art Collection publication is not a book, more a loose leaf flirt with the written word. It stands in the way of time, brandishing its message in the most audible manner.

Willi’s Memoirs are out early, pointedly colorful and delivered with candid clarity.

The CollectorBox of 22 Vintage ‘Bottle Art’ posters from 1980-2010 leaves no graphical detail unturned. A particularly fragrant narrative to be attacked with the aid of a good corkscrew. Furthermore, these images are the most perfect size to cover a Kindle, allowing you to indicate to your Sommelier that at this table Wine is of relevance. I  annoyingly claim that these memoirs are printed in a Universal language – a point unlikely to be made when the true story is finally told.

The Poster Card Collection is on sale at Willi’s, being available on the Web at the Willi’s Bottle Art space in the clouds for the Princely sum of 39$. (Free shipping until the end of the Royal Honeymoon).

A very big thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible. Yes, that means you too. Merci!

Wedding Gift Ideas for William & Kate
I suppose that when this charming couple, to whom I wish much long overdue happiness, are married, that Kate will possibly refer to the Prince as ‘Willi’ in affectionate tones. With just hours left & I have only now realized that I have left this problem rather late.

The obvious choice ‘fit for a King’ would be the 1996 Mr. King dressed so appropriately in the colours of the Union. It would go remarkably well in the Royal study.

Of course the moment of the Regal embrace must be celebrated so surely none other than the Lyu Hanabusa 2001 ‘For  Peace & Love’ from 2001 & for that unending romance, the now rare & soon out of print 1991 from Daniel Puddles

If Steven Spurrier’s Estate, newly planted on the green hills above Bridport in Dorset, was in production, there would be no question about it.  His “Bride Valley Brut” to be a very superiour sparkling wine, would be raised in a toast to this Royal couple & their happiness.

With best wishes from us all at Willi’s,