Recipe Sunday: Uriel Chamberlain’s Spanish Shrimp

2 thoughts on “Recipe Sunday: Uriel Chamberlain’s Spanish Shrimp

  1. Additional recipe directions from Reader Lew:
    1 you will need at least 100.00 for all the ingredients.
    2. you will need a fairly large kitchen for this dish.
    3.before starting you should get eve's home phone and cellphone and ipod number.
    4.where she says cook the shrimp almost done that's when the shrimp starts to turn pink.
    5.start with a new bottle of wine- you are going to need it for your self as well as the recipe.
    6 The sugar, be careful because shrimp is to sweat.???


  2. This sounds delicious. I especially like the orange peel and juice combo with the fresh and dried herbs and tomatoes. I think the cook meant “sweet” , not “sweat”. Those typos will really throw folks sometimes. I’m going to make this very soon. And 2 :- 3 lbs of shrimp shouldn’t cost more than $25 – $30. Not bad for 6 to 9 servings. Thanks, will let you know how it turns out.

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