Moldova’s National Wine Day Triumphs at Wine Travel Awards 2023 in London

Chisinau, Moldova – Moldova’s annual National Wine Day event in the nation’s capital, Chisinau, has been honoured by the prestigious Wine Travel Awards in the category of Wine Tourism Events, and specifically recognized as the “Magnet of the Region.” The accolade was presented during the Wine Travel Awards ceremony, which took place on May 21 at the London Wine Fair.

The celebration of Moldovan wines was showcased at the Wine Travel Awards booth and highlighted during the Walk-Around Tasting at the 2023–2024 Winners’ Awards ceremony. Renowned Moldovan wineries presented their wines, including Château Purcari, Château Vartely, Radacini Wines and Apriori Wine.

The recognition of Moldova’s National Wine Day at the Wine Travel Awards underscores the event’s significance and its growing influence in the global wine tourism landscape. Organized annually in the first weekend of October by the Moldovan Office of Vine and Wine the event has evolved into a vital attraction, drawing enthusiasts from around the world to experience the rich wine heritage of Moldova.

“The National Wine Day has definitely become a magnet for the region, allowing visitors from Moldova and elsewhere to taste a massive range of increasingly impressive wines and to meet their producers,” said Robert Joseph, wine expert and consultant.

Awareness of the Moldova’s National Wine Day festival is bolstered by international promotion of the Wine of Moldova country brand, as well as through partnerships with the tourism industry and other related sectors. National Wine Day is a unique event, with Moldova being the only country in the world where the Parliament officially declares this celebration. “National Wine Day has established itself as the largest and most attractive tourist and wine festival in our country and in Eastern Europe for over 10 years, and the wine sector continues to develop the event,” confirmed Ștefan Iamandi, director of the National Office of Vine and Wine.

This year’s recognition not only highlights Moldova’s exceptional wines but also its burgeoning role in global wine tourism. The Wine Travel Awards team extends an invitation to wine enthusiasts worldwide to join the vibrant celebration and discover the hospitality and charm of Moldova. “Ten years ago, we revised the concept of National Wine Day to enhance the customer experience, incorporating visits to wineries and regions, wine school sessions, and elements of our cultural heritage. Attendees can look forward to an immersive experience that includes scenic vineyard tours, winery visits, and exclusive tastings of award-winning wines,” stated Diana Lazar, Wine Industry Director at the USAID RCRA project, which has been providing strategic assistance for the last decade.

With its picturesque landscapes and centuries-old winemaking traditions, Moldova is becoming a must-visit destination for adventurous wine lovers, and travellers seeking unique cultural experiences. The National Wine Day takes place every year at the beginning of October and attracts 110,000 visitors in two days of the festival. 2024 edition will take place on October 5-6. Moldova is connected by direct flights to more than thirty cities, including Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Dublin, Warsaw, Milan, Rome, Verona, Venice, Barcelona, Bucharest, Istanbul, Brussels.