From Rusty Sly: Republic of Georgia Wine Open House

If I were to ask you if you would like a glass of Kisi, Saperavi, Kindzmarauli, Khvanchkara or Tvishi you would probably look at me a little strange.  These are wines from the Republic of Georgia and are extremely unique. 
These wines were first cultivated in the Neolithic time period over 7000 years ago.  The majority were used during  various religious ceremonies with the beginning of Christianity at the start of the 4th Century.  Wine production, though updates in the process have occurred over the century, still involves the use of stone and wooden wine presses and large double-walled clay jugs known as Kvevri.  The Kvevri is buried in the ground providing temperature control of the wine “must” (grape juice and skins) during the fermentation process. 
Valencia Wine Company and Greg Alonzo of Terrel Wines will be pouring and providing an education on these wines on February 06, 2010 during an open house from 2:00PM-5:00PM at Valencia Wine Company located in the Valencia Town Center.    So for the low price of $15/person you can go back in time 7000 years and sample some truly Old World wines.
This tasting/education will allow everyone an opportunity and experience to try unique wines that are quite different.  As I always tell my Grape of the Night folks, expand your horizons.  There are many different and fantastic wines to try.  Greg has also told me that he will pour a couple from amphoras which are traditional clay vessels that some of these wines are stored in. 

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  1. We will taste clay pot wines tomorrow from RUSSIA, not the U.S. state of GEORGIA. Just an FYI for my wine 101ers. Hope to see you there continuing your education!

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