More Chateau Pacific Pics Just In

Our Intrepid Leader, Gary Warburton, in his usual cut offs, sandals, muscle tee and Phifer Pavitt Winery hat is seen getting ready for the games to begin.  The games being an emergency bottling in his Manhattan Beach Winery. 

Me and Mary Bradway.  Leaving the warmth of our hometown behind, we are braced with plastic cups of homemade wine and determination to go where no wine enthusiast from Santa Clarita has gone before.

Proof that if you invite me to work, I will bring what appears to be a journalist’s pad and pen to write down your most important quotes.  And, if asked, will send them to you for approval before publishing.  I didn’t do that here with the Brew Master, Michael Bowe, from Angel City Brewery.

The “Corking Line” is where the real muscle comes in to play.

Gary and his Minions.  Giving a quick lesson with a group of just arriving guests.

Mrs. Fearless Leader, Terry Warburton, in a brief moment of respite.

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