Thomas Kruse Winery Notice of Sale, BYOB Sat. June 19 & QUIZ

(Readers know by now how much I enjoy bottlings.  This one, in nearby Gilroy, includes a nice party.  What Tom also does that gets my attention is he writes a personal missive about his winery.  And today he threw in a quiz that I’m dying to see if any reader can solve.  See photo of 4 leaves below and good luck!)
Thomas Kruse Winery
 Father’s Day Sale 

Bottling Event & Sale

Sat. June 19th

11:00 to 4:00

At The Winery
Claire’s Field  Red

 A Full Bodied Red Table Wine

Produced From Our 
Estate Grown Varietals

We Invite You to Come

and Enjoy Tasting Our 
Wines, Listen to Live Music

And Sample Some Yummy Treats

All of our table wines 
will be on sale


One Case $60

Two Cases $54

Three Cases $48
These prices apply if you bring 
your own clean, corkable bottles
.  You may buy new bottles 
here for $8 a case and if you
 are purchasing less than a case the
 cost of the wine will be $7 a bottle.

Our Other Varietal Wines 
Will Be
 50% Off by the Case

We Have Champagne Now – $20
 Brut Style 
With a Very Light Dosage


 And if you get the answers right
 you will receive $10 off any purchase
 of a case or more – one discount per visit

Pictured Above Are Four Leaves 

One From Each Variety We Grow 

Each is Typical of the Variety
(The picture of the upper left leaf
 could be better)
  We Grow Cabernet, Chardonnay, 
Merlot and Zinfandel.

Dear Friends,

It is said that California has 
two kinds or weather – nice or unusual. 
This year has been mostly of the latter. 
When I walk through the vineyard I am 
struck by how late the vines have flowered 
and what a light crop has set.  Mostly 
the reds, the Chardonnay has a fairly 
normal crop.

This past Spring I decided I was going to
 collect and plant Black Walnuts from the 
tree near the house.  An amazing number
 of them sprouted and I now have a row
 of Walnut seedlings next to the fence of 
the large garden area. This Winter when 
they go dormant I will see about digging
 them up and transplanting them bare-root.

It is one of those things that you embark 
on very casually and realize later that
 you have created yet another thing to keep 
track of and care for.  However if I can 
get them through this summer and get them 
in their final spot next year I may rest 
assured they will be relatively carefree and 
an improvement to the property. They 
grow well around here.

We have released the first estate bottle 
fermented sparkling wine from the Estate
 Chardonnay here.  It is dryly austere and,
 refuses to be taken lightly.  I guess I should 
say that I don’t like the wine to be the 
center of attention at a meal or other 
occasion.  Its job is adjunct and complementary.
 This Champagne, however, commands your 
attention.  Not rude but assertive.  If you 
decide to try it always chill the bottle 
for a few hours and serve in a pristine flute.

Thanks for reading.


Thomas Kruse Winery
3200 Dryden Avenue
Gilroy, CA 95020-9072
(408) 842-7016