Turkey Time Cocktails

Cabana Cranberry Cosmo (Created by Anthony Dias Blue)

2 parts Cabana Cachaça
1 part triple sec
1 part fresh lime juice
1 part cranberry juice

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour into a martini glass. Garnish with lime.

Cranberry Spice (Created by Dominik Chrzaszcz)

1 oz Domaine de Canton
½ oz Cabernet Sauvignon
½ oz Chambord
2 oz Cranberry juice

Shake well with ice and strain into a martini glass. Use 3 cranberries for garnish on the rim of the glass.

Brazilian Pumpkin (Created by Tim Cooper)

1 ½ oz Cabana Cachaça
½ oz Navan
1 ½ oz Egg Nog
½ oz Spiced Cordial
Heaping spoon of pumpkin purée

Shake and strained into martini glass. Top with grated cinnamon.


Besides the above I asked Wine 101 readers to share some of their favorite Turkey Time cocktails:

Now that’s a silly question for a Wine Proprietor. Phifer Pavitt ‘Datenight’ Cabernet. Cheers,Suzanne Phifer Pavitthttp://www.phiferpavittwine.com/

Our family has long enjoyed Richard’s Red and Cranberry wine during our turkey feasts over the holidays. Both wines are products of Wilson Winery of Modoc, Indiana. Betsy & Roger Donley

Cranberry Margarita recipe 1 ½ oz Jose Cuervo Especial gold tequila 1 oz Lime Juice 1 1/2 oz Triple Sec 1 ½ oz Sweet and Sour Mix 2 oz Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Add ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Steve Roth , EMG (Ethnic Marketing Group, Inc),
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