Wine 101ers Q and A

This week I had the opportunity to learn what Wine 101ers really want to know. How to traverse the wine landscape without spending, or drinking, it all at once. I will give you some quotes and same fast-on-my-feet answers.

“I love wine, but am a bit too lazy to do much about it. If they all had little signs on them ‘buy me…I’m good’ then I’d be more adventurous.”

They actually do have little signs on them! From the supermarket to the wine bars you will find little neck adornments with number ratings on the most popular wines. Anything above an 88 from Wine Spectator (WS), Wine Enthusiast (WE), Robert Parker (RP)…

You can also get the Wine Spectator’s “pull out” guide that is in every month’s edition. Look for the varietals you like and that produced several thousand cases so that it’s available. Then take your “list” with you when you shop. I used to always keep a list in my purse!

“I would definitely be someone that wants good wine, for not too much, without having to hunt over hill and dale for it. Probably a lot of us are intimidated.”

Tell me what you like and I can suggest a Trader Joe’s brand between $4.99 – $20 or Vino 100 or Valencia Wine Co. or All Corked Up or Lee’s Wine Bistro or Bev Mo…they all have prices hovering around $20.. and up. You don’t have to hunt when you’re with me, I can help you navigate!

Another wrote:

” I would love to have a wine collection, but I can’t hold it that long! If I bought 100 bottles of wine I would throw a party.”

(Well this character might be a challenge.) I suggest we go shopping, and tasting, together. Depending on budget and tastes I bet I could show you that what may taste tight or fruity now will open up with age. That some wine, famously a Bordeaux, will only improve in time. As so does your investment. Or buy at least two bottles of what you like so that you can hold one and drink the other. We can appease our hunger and save for a party at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Wine 101ers Q and A

  1. I have to admit that I am sometimes intimidated in wine stores too. I’m thinking there’s a niche there for a “wine shopping consultant”. Somebody who knows about wine who would, for a fee, accompany people to the wine store to help them select a bunch of interesting wines.

    Hm….somebody who knows a lot about wine….

    who enjoys shopping….

    who enjoys shopping in the wine store….

    who could that be?


  2. I have a friend that does this in grocery stores, helping people understand the labels on foods to find the healthiest items to buy. (Karen Roth, MS, NC
    Holistic Nutrition Consultant)
    I would totally dig wine shopping – for someone else for a change!

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