Laura Boston-Thek

This artist, another Facebook connection, will show her work here:

The Tanner Building
22800 Lyons Avenue, Suite 120
Newhall, CA 91321
May 9 – June 9
Karena Lineback is sponsoring the show, 661-260-1609

4 thoughts on “Laura Boston-Thek

  1. I saw these the other day and they are amazing photos – Just breathtaking!!!

  2. Did you order the calendar? I’d like to see the whole show when it comes…especially if Silkwood is being poured one of the nights. That would make a great story!

  3. The honor is all mine Laura! You really classed up my blog. When the post moves off the bottom of the page I want to put the photos along on the right side of the blog. Cheers to you!

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