Describing Wine 101 (AKA "Creamed Corn!)

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    A retired colleague of mine, Adrienne Lehrer, wrote an important book about the meaning of words (lexical semantics) some years ago and she’s just come out with a second edition of the book: “Wine and Conversation”.

    I haven’t read the second edition, and my memory of the first is now vague, but it was a really interesting read. (Keep in mind I’m a linguist so I can’t vouch for the rest of you!) In any case, the really interesting point that I remember was that even though wine cognoscenti use all sorts of words to describe wine that seem to make little sense to the rest of us, Adrienne’s research (in Napa, lots of tastings, sounded like really fun work!) showed that among the specialists, the words have a constant meanings. So, for example, if all the specialists say some wine is “round”, that may make no sense to naifs like me, but they all agree what a round wine tastes like.

  2. Mike, I think I recall talking to you about this before. Interesting! Not round at all!

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