Big News: An SCV Tasting Room on the Horizon?

After the Loose Goose closing I have been waiting to hear good news within the wine industry.

Well………I have big news for you. I have been tracking changes in the LA county rules on opening a winery and tasting room. LA county is almost complete with a new ordnance to simplify the process for everyone who is serious about owning a vineyard or winery as a business.

In a few months, if you are outside city limits, have over 2 acres, are A-1, 2 or industry zoned and have a few thousand dollars burning in your pocket, LA county is going to allow you to open a winery to produce up to 5000 cases (if you meet all the requirements of course).

I can explain more if anyone is interested, just contact me.

The new laws are approved and being finalized now! There will be many wineries opening in our area in the next few years because of this, I promise. This is what all of us serious wine geeks have all been waiting for the county to do. I never thought I would say this but good job politicians, you listened and realized that there was an opportunity for revenue if you updated your laws.

Well, we will be more than happy to hand you the revenue if you allow us to simply fulfill our dream of owning a winery and sharing our passion with the rest of the wine world.

It a good day.

Steve Lemley

2 thoughts on “Big News: An SCV Tasting Room on the Horizon?

  1. This is great news. I’m looking forward to visiting Pulchella’s tasting room, as well as others.

    Please keep us all updated.

  2. I’ve already signed up to working Pulchella’s tasting room in my retirement. Steve is paying in wine and that works for me. So, when this plays out, Michael, I’ll be seeing you!

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