Link sent in by reader Larry E and SAUVIGNORAMA

I’m thinking of ditching my daughter, husband, part time job and Santa Clarita – and the husband is good with this. Which is more worrisome? Me going for this job (listed below) or my husband planning my good-bye party and tossing me the car keys?

May 26, 2009

Must love wine, social media

Sonoma County, California winery Murphy-Goode is seeking a blogger/tweeter to hang with winemaker David Ready for six months. The Murphy-Goode lifestyle correspondent will write about wine making and promote the company on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Wanna-be wine bloggers are submitting 60-second videos to promote their candidacies.

Applications for the job close June 19th. It pays $10,000 per month for six months, and includes housing.


Then, after I stopped laughing at the idea I got an even better joke via Alex Nussbaum’s


I was listening to the radio in my car when this came on, I laughed so hard – at myself, my fellow wine 101ers and wine aficionados everywhere – that I came home and immediately searched the Internet to find it. But I couldn’t.

Then, being the anal retentive Facebook junkie that I am I searched there next. Lo and behold, Alex Nussbaum had a page! Within a day he accepted by hand in typical Facebook friendship and then…posted the link on my friggin’ page to share with you readers:

Hi Eve,

I added the clip to youtube for you…do I get any free wine out of the deal??!


And yes, I did send him a message back that I’m the one that gets paid in wine but, as he’s based in LA, to meet me at the LA Wine Fest today!