Are You Kidding Us: Starbucks Coffee & WINE BAR?

But it appears that Starbuck’s, not satisfied with cornering the coffee market in the USA, thinks it can corner the wine market as well? They have announced that some of their stores will now be serving…say it isn’t so…Vino de Starbucks?
Next door to Valencia Wine Company on Towne Center Drive, for many years, was a coffee bar. At night the young ‘uns would hang over their dark roasts for as long as we…

hungover…our Cabs. They sometimes encroached on our patio with their arms looped to see if we were looped. Or just because they wanted our space?

The coffee bar, in its last incarnation, has closed.
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One more business that failed to beat this disgusting recession. And as the link above says, Starbucks may be just trying to increase their profitability. Your local Starbucks may also change its name to “Starbuck 5 North” to get away from their previous name association.

But I think it very imprudent of them to encroach on our adult-only wine bars.
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Will they section their customers: caffeine to the left and winos to the right? Will they check id’s only when wine is ordered? And more importantly, how would the two, albeit normally perfectly nice human beings, commingle?
And what, dare I ask, will the wine be? And who has the petition for me to sign to thwart this from happening in my home, my state, my friggin’ universe?