Update from Pulchella: Your First SCV Vintner


I wanted to write and let you know how excited we are to be Santa Clarita Valley’s official first commercial winery.

As of about two weeks ago, we were cleared from the state and federal government as a recognized bonded commercial winery. This means the paper work and permits are over and the fun can finally begin. We have received the label approvals for both our upcoming releases.

They are:

2006 Creston Ranch Vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon
Paso Robles

2007 Paso Robles

These two amazing wines will be priced in the mid to high $20 to $30 range.

Additionally, we are a few months away from releasing our now famous 2008 Janes Ranch Vineyard, Paso Robles Zinfandel.

All of these releases are single vineyard with no blending fining or filtering. This philosophy is a bold one but it allows us to showcase purity from the vineyard all the way to the bottle. We only produced 25 cases of each and most will go out to and be reserved for our wine club members to purchase. A small amount will be distributed to the local wine bars in the Santa Clarita Valley who choose to carry it. Right now we do have confirmation that All Corked Up will be carrying all of them. Of course, after the wine club shipments go out, we will be making the wines available for purchase direct from our website as well. The website address is http://www.pulchella.com/.

We are very excited about once again, attending the Sunset In The Vineyard event to benefit the Assistance League of Santa Clarita. This event is being held the first week in November. A few more events are scheduled by the end of the year and I will keep you posted on them.

We will be sending out our first wine club shipment at the end of September and the Zinfandel release will likely come before the end of the year. Cheers and I hope all is well with my favorite wine blogger and friend.

4 thoughts on “Update from Pulchella: Your First SCV Vintner

  1. This is great. I am happy I signed up after tasting the wines at Cal Arts.

    Michael Perlis

  2. Maybe you could talk Steve into a sitdown with us at ACU so we could taste his wines and he could talk to us about them.

    Michael Perlis

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