A Story in Pictures: All Corked Up International Wine Festival

Lots to see, drink, eat…

My new chocolate friends are now calling themselves HOT!

So many choices for hundreds of guests!

Candleman had a plan for these later…did you check it out?

The band that played as guests entered were a perfect pairing for the start of what was to be a pretty grand event.

Many wineries participated, as did restaurants and vendors. I only have a sampling here but the event encompassed the length of two football fields. Did you miss anything? It would have been hard!

Shout out to friends Diane at Ecluse, Chantel at AV Winery, Steve Lemley and Nate Hasper at Pulchella, Vicki H at Opolo, Chef Tamra Levine and Greg Amsler, owner of Salt Creek Grille, Ginny F. helping you at checkout, Julie and Steve S., Robert S., Tony and Nicole S., and David Schutz for inviting me.