Michael Perlis: Too Busy to Write, Eve sits him down anyway

How about I interview you about wine peeves since you’re too busy to write this week?

1. Worst thing that ever happened between you and your wine? (Think good bottle corked, spilt, finished too fast?)
Once at —, the large waitress totally manhandled the bottle I had brought in. Of course, she broke the cork and spent the next half hour trying to fish it out.

2. Ever get stuck in the market and not find anything worth buying in the wine department?
I don’t buy wine at the market.

3. Anyone ever give you a dismal bottle and then wait for you to drink it?
Gotten a few dismal bottles but fortunately haven’t had to drink them in front of the giver.

4. You’ve had wine with me…do I have a clue at all?
Totally. And you make it fun when others [me? I hope not.] take wine much too seriously.

5. Do you ever sneak a flask into your Laker games?
Never tried. Although once we bought the KCal suite at a charity auction for a game and at half-time they came around with a cart full of Ravenswood to taste.

6. Will you try to now that I’ve suggested it?
Security personnel are very large. Besides, I rarely go these days. My friend who has season tickets has temporarily moved to Kentucky so he has sold this season off. His seats are good and expensive.

7. Have I killed your writer’s block?
Working on it.

8. Ever drink with someone you’d only just met on Facebook besides me?
Not yet.

9. Where do you keep the keys to your wine locker?
With me at all times. You never know when an emergency will strike.

10. Do you always pay such close attention?
OCD will do that to you.

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  1. I recognize that photo from the Rhone Rangers event! That was a fun day. Nice 'interview' with Michael;-)

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