From Anthony Blackburn: Wine Marketing Mistakes

Grocery Outlet is a grocery chain that gets overstocks, 2nds and things that don’t sell well. They sell these items at a discount. So I went to the wine department to see what I could find.

Francis Ford Coppola has a line of wines called “Encyclopedia”. Reminds me of a pancake syrup bottle. I wonder if anyone accidently poured this on thier pancakes or waffles in the morning. It’s also being discounted and thrown in the discontinued basket at Safeway.

Fuzzy Buzzy is from Australia. Apparently, they couldn’t sell it there either.

Billygoat wines stand out of the shelf. The colors are soooooooo tasteful. This wine is also marketed in India….in a tin can….really…..Google it.

You would think that wih a name like “Merlicious”, the wine would be a Merlot.

This big giant eyeball on the label of this wine called. “Seduction” just didn’t seduce me.

ewwww… swimming in the wine.

Sometimes, marketing takes the whole country charm thing a little too far. Barking Sheep? I wonder what the dogs do?

I bet he is good at stomping grapes.

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