Wine Block…suffered by Eve

In keeping this blog strictly for the beginner, I sometimes wonder if reader’s think that I’ve strayed too far from what other wine bloggers are doing: Reviewing wine.  My posts have always been written as if I’m talking to a friend, whether it’s a friend that lives here in my Santa Clarita neighborhood or a friend in…well…if I’m to believe my stat counter, across the US, Russia, Japan, England, Belgium, etc.

I help run events, I go to events, I write about events and I keep all of your local events on my SCV Wine Calendar.  Not something any wine blogger I know is doing to this extent. I sometimes help write, and then run, your press releases.  I have posts just filled with my own photos; some with yours.  I have a couple of staff writers and a friend that would like to start a magazine with me.  Again, things I don’t see other wine bloggers doing. 

Since last summer I’ve been putting up daily content for anyone that is here just looking for wine news; some local and some from friends with wine issues as far away as Maryland.  And only because I find it all interesting. Watching trends and becoming a destination for whatever you might be looking for and might want to learn about.

Due to this, my own blogging has decreased while my editor duties have increased.  Both require work and both give me rewards.

So, now the question is, is this what you want? 

Eve of Destruction (Over a bottle of wine) or Eve’s Wine 101 (Never over your head.)

5 thoughts on “Wine Block…suffered by Eve

  1. I'm always happy to see how you help publicize wine (and other) events. It has certainly opened my eyes to the huge wine community in the Santa Clarita area.

    The question is: Do you miss the writing? If the answer is yes, then you need to find a way to balance the PR so that it doesn't take all your energy and time. You got into this because you wanted to write. Has your vision or your need changed?

    You know your friends and fans will support whatever you do!


  2. Eve,

    I think it is really a question of where you want to go with this wine "thing". Clearly, you are the go-to person up here. Probably, to ultimately make this more than a blog, doing the various things makes sense. And if you wrote all the time, there would be no room for my increasingly sporadic posts.


  3. I know how hard it is to write original content on a regular basis but I like to read about what you're drinking and what you like. I enjoy your personal posts, whether they're about wine or being married to a fireman (I think that was one of my favorites).

    However, I do think it's great that you're promoting wine events in town. If you need some help editing that so you can free up some time to write, let me know!

  4. Eve,

    I believe that you do what is in your heart. It does not matter what other "wine blogger's" are doing now. Wine, events and your stories are YOU and I for one enjoy this format you have set forth. You have my support whatever your decision. Cheers~ Rose

  5. Denise, Michael, Mo and Rose: Gee guess I'm still battling the time issue if this is my first opportunity to respond.

    Yes, I miss the writing so I will be posting only unique press releases from now on.

    We (Me, Mike and Rusty) are all enjoying the mild celebrity we garner when 2-250 wine peeps come to an event we have a small hand in. (I need an ego check – and a larger hand!)

    I'll be getting more recipes from my fireman soon that will help fill our Recipe Sundays with more original content.

    Thank you for reading and commenting!

    Yours, in wine and out,

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