Wine and Sexy Exercise by Eve

Last week, when I mentioned my “pole dancing and wine tasting” class, this little blog got triple its normal number of hits.

When I queried wine peeps if wine would help with the soreness from a “Booty Barre” class I got triple the respones.

Lastly, when trying to decide between a last minute invite to a wine dinner or a spin class…If you’re trying to follow this you are getting…spin class.

In trying to find the trend, and keep my blog hits and interest level at its peak, this would lead me to believe that:

1. Pole Dancing deserves a label and frequent incarnations, whether in action or “study”.
2. Wine Tasting and Pole Dancing should be offered from Parks and Rec.
3. Booty Barre should be co-ed and include wine.
4. Spin class…well…taken at 6:30 pm, with a couple of wine peeps, sounded more like a rowdy beer hall with “spinners” shouting out cheers or parts of songs.  Thinking wine was acceptable immediately following.

and 5.  People that enjoy wine, exercise.  And not just your every day begrudged dog-for-a-walk exercising but the ecruciating, yet sexy, variety.

Is there a tie in?  An endorphin, or two, at play here?  Is there such a rush with working hard that a reward is due? Is it our vast superior intelligence that makes us wine 101ers exercise harder and, therefore, deserve the really good stuff?

One thought on “Wine and Sexy Exercise by Eve

  1. Eve,
    I agree 100%. Just last nite we did Urban Striptease Aerobics and finished the evening with wine!!!

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