Valentine’s via Twitter and Facebook

I queried, as the title of this post implies, friends from Twitter and Facebook as to what they drank to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as, well, I wanted to re-live it through them.  Each made me thristy for more.  Which of these would you like:

Andrea: Went to Agua Dulce Vineyard for the very first time and then ate at Backwoods Inn. It was like getting away w/out getting away.

Carrie: I started with Stone Ruination IPA (Stone Ruination IPA – Stone Brewery in San Diego. So called because of the “ruinous” effect it has on your palate. It is very, very, very, very, hoppy with an IBU (international bittering unit) of 100+ and alc/vol of 7.7%. It is one of my faves!) then moved on to Point Reyes and Blue Shaft Ellie Vintage Blue Cheeses with Sandeman’s port.

Vicki: Tea

Michelle: Napa Valley 2005 Prisoner and 2008 Prisoner….hmmmmm the last of one of my fave’s will need to book a four day in Napa soon my cellar is running very low….sad but true….good news all I have left to drink is the good stuff! Ta Ta

Dana:  Felix Pinot Noir at Le Chene (one of their in house wines).

Mark: 2007 Gruet Pinot Noir. Divine. Complex.

Nicole: Margaritas! You will train me right someday! 🙂 LOL

Kristy: Volatus

Melissa: I fell asleep last night but we enjoyed several different wines up at Lone Madrone’s Tasting room in Paso. Enjoyed a bottle of their aged hard cider after an early morning trail run yesterday! Perfectly refreshing way to start the day! 

Dawn: Korbel Sec and Port along with nice cheese, salami and crackers!!

Kym: Tasted a plethera of Malibu Winery’s Cabernet Flights in a most delightful setting…settled on a bottle of 2002 Semler.

Patti: Boating in Ventura with Flowers Chard.  Awesome!

Wine Fan UK: Pink Champagne of course.

Cathy: Quite the consequence we had a bottle of “menage a trois”. After working all week in the flower shop @ Ralphs I drank almost the whole bottle myself. 

Tony: Nothing! For once….;)

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  1. I meant to post a comment, and it got away from me. Probably because of the copious amounts of Rhone varietals I drank on Valentine's Day before attending the Rhone Rangers Experience, during the Rhone Rangers Experience and after the…you get the idea. I need a Bordeaux, please.

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