Marijuana Bar to Replace Wine Bars? (Oh, Eve doesn’t think so!)

The rumor mill (my husband) says that there were about 700,000 signatures on a petition to legalize pot in California – enough names to get it on the ballot this November.  I believe that the petition is only awaiting validation.  Those of us reading this blog, that should be 21 or older, may have some new choices for recreation and revenue.  And some of you are packing your bags – should you stay or should you go?

So, what will that mean to wine drinkers?  Will some of us choose to smoke pot over wine?  With our wine?  Or, will only those of us that were only looking for a buzz from wine depart us for…

The Marijuana Bar.

I’m not seeing this as a cohesive relationship.  Somebody smoking pot on the patio of Valencia Wine Company will affect the nose I’m trying to get off my wine.

Somebody getting the munchies and bringing in salty chips and candy won’t pair well with my charcuterie plate.

I’m not completely daft here.  I know that the idea of this passing is just that…an idea.  But I’ve been to Amsterdam, and to Bulldogs where they had a menu like the one above.  But I’m married to a fire chief remember?  The thought didn’t cross our minds to purchase…be we did enjoy watching.

It was like a Hooters, or any place that specializes in hot wings.  Not a classy wine bar.  No, not classy at all.

So, I wonder, will this new incarnation of bars take over?  Will people now want to relax over a bong instead of decanted Bordeaux?  What say you dear reader?  How will you handle this?  Oh, and one last mention, as this post runs on 4/1 I thought I should say – no joke!

4 thoughts on “Marijuana Bar to Replace Wine Bars? (Oh, Eve doesn’t think so!)

  1. I'm sure you can't post this but maybe our friends could open up a new business and call it:

    All F—-d Up!

    Michael The Zin Fan

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