A Query to Facebook Peeps: What do you like On The Sweeter Side of Wine

Not all of my wine peeps are created equal.  Heck, some even don’t drink wine.  They might prefer a Casino Royale Martini, homemade brewed beer and drinks that have names that sound more like a cookie.  And there’s even one nice non-drinking friend that’s “just here for the company”. 
As much as wine can be overwhelming to 101ers so can other types of drinks.  The different Vodkas alone, from how they’re flavored or distilled, could be the subjects of a Vodka 101 blog.  As can be any spirit from beer to wine.  

I challenge readers to think outside of the wine box and beer bottle.  To try different concoctions.  To sniff and swirl beyond a Bordeaux.  It’s all about sensory pleasure.
 So, as an equal-opportunity bloggess I asked my Facebook pals in the Eve’s Wine 101 group to tell me what drinks they like that are more On the Sweeter Side:
Gary: don’t like sweet drinks. I am very fond of craft beer such as Stone IPA or Belgian Trappist Ales – Chimay Cinq Cents (White label) is one of my favorites! Didn’t you have a connection with some beer ladies?  P.S. – I do enjoy good wine also – mostly, reds!
Jenny: I will play. I had a great white port from wiens winery in Temecula. Very good. The hubby loves it too. And for me – I can do champagne anytime – appetizers, dinner, of dessert but for a sweet yummy option – bamfi raspberry champagne is heavenly.
Susie: There is always a Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Prosecco Sparkling Wine with added fruit juice is also good. For a dessert wine a Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc. For a Cocktail I like Vodka, light cranberry juice, sparkling water with a twist of lime. Jack and Diet Coke with a lime twist is another favorite. Just a few suggestions. Cheers!
Carrie: Ok Eve…While I don’t drink sweet drinks all the time I do like a Bubblegum martini, blueberry lemon drop, or many of the flavored Three Olive Vodkas now and then. I am also a fan of port, especially Taylor Fladgate 20 year. Gary, I am a big fan of beer! I am an IPA girl myself…Stone Ruination, Hop Ottin, Hop 15…
Gary: Carrie, You are an IPA girl! Those are some serious beers. Stone Ruination (in fact, all of those listed are great) is one of my fave’s. If you are ever in Escondido, a must see is the Stone Brewery and World Bistro Garden (great restaurant). It is beer lover heaven there!
Danse: I’m not that much on sweets … but, when the urge does hit, I’ll have either a Rusty Nail, a Grand Marnier, or a red Port.
Carrie: Eve, I was inspired by your post…and honesty it made me a bit thirsty. I made myself a Blue Bubbletini and it is yummy : )
Gloria: Dear Eve, OMG, what about SANGRIA, I have the best PRESCRIPTION for that, s l o w l y but surely, it hits the spot.