Massa is the Limoncello I’m about to take with me to Valencia Wine Co.right now. The bottle says “Limoncello is now the ambassador of the Italianlifestyle.” And it’s organically produced. I’ll try and save you some…

That little teaser warranted quite the response from thirsty Facebook friends.  After about 30 comments I did find a site that provided both recipes for Limoncello cocktails and in food.  Scroll to the bottom of this post if you don’t want to read the shenanigans leading up to it.

Kristine: Eve,this is our favorite, we brought back some from Positano, did you getthis in SCV? If so, where…please we love this stuff.
Carmen:  You know my dad produces Limoncello, he lives in the Abruzzese Area.  That’s middle Italy!
Kristine: Carmen: My husband and I tried making it – it was ok, but a bit thickerthan the original Limoncello we purchased in Italy. If your dad has agood recipe,is he willing to share?
Eve:  Iread about it in a Trade magazine and found it at our local Bev Mo onthe Old Road Kristine. Carmen – do you know if his brand is availablein the US? (But I’d love to be able to make it too!)

Also, Igotta run to my wine event but…anyone have any good recipes forLimoncello? The article mentions food but I was also wondering aboutdifferent drinks, like maybe a Lemon Drop w/o that sugar rim.
Carmen:  Sure..I can help u too…
Vinovskis:  Here’s a nice podcast from Napa Valley Wine Radio with a brief introduction to Limoncello (and a recipe, too!). 

Kristine: Hey Eve- thanks for the information. Great to know when we are low, wecan now get Limoncello from Bev Mo. Gotta have our digestive!!
Carmen: I have about 60 recipes for food or drinks with Limoncello…maybe we should have a Limoncello party!
Eve: I’m having one now! Come to organic wine tasting at Valencia Wine Co!
Cindi: I would LOVE to have more recipes using Limoncello, and I would lose my mind if I had a home recipe and could make my own.
Vinovskis: Carrabba’s makes a wonderful “Citrotini” with Limoncello. I believe therecipe is equal parts of Limoncello, Triple Sec and sweet and sourmixer. Shake with ice and serve in a martini glass. Fabulous.
Carrie: I put Limoncello in my lemon drops.
Shawnda:  Omg….Limoncellois addictive, as is orangecello! We use it for everything…straightup, cocktails, amaaaaizing to use in baked goods. Cakes and cupcakesfresh out of the oven….poke some holes in those puppies and dribblesome limon or orangecello in there. So delicious. (Dark choco cake andorangecello is my fave) Ok I’m done. ♥ Enjoy!!!
Steve: I have never made that…. 🙂
Sylvia: My Mom in Law makes her own!!!
Trish: You’ll try to save me some?  “Do or do not — there is no ‘try.’ ” — Jedi Master Yoda
Dana: Yum…my Sicilian friend calls this “adult dessert”. LOL. 
Cindi: For those of you in Cali and Arizona…BEVMO 5 CENT SALE STARTING WEDNESDAY! Got my sale flier today!
Eve: You people crack me up! I got a little left over for Trish, cupcakes and Lemon Drops! 
Trish: Feed me a Lemon Drop and you’ll have to drive me home. But cupcakes sound good!
Eve:  Not tonight! Tis done! 
Dusti: Try putting some in Lemon Meringue Pie, This is really special. I have tried it and never went back.
Cindi:  All of the recipe ideas sound so great…any way we could get them in one place?
Laurel: Oh my gosh! I love Limoncello! Have fun with it! It is the perfect summer drink!
Kristine: Cupcakes, lemon meringue pie, lemon drop martinis; wow, now you really got me thinking. 
Eve:  I just posted two recipe links on my profile: one for Limoncello in cocktails, the other for food:
Carmen: Welllets have a Limoncello party…we do it ourselves and then bake somefood with it and mix drinks afterwards. Lets set a date and location !I have my own lemontree in the backyard hehehe.
Eve: I’ll come!
Lesley: I first encountered Limoncello in Italy and it has been a personal favorite ever since. It feels like such a treat!
Eve: Tis! Thinking deserves a third blog post!