The Year of Gabriella

If I was going to tell you the year I was born, would you have a reasonably priced bottle of wine from that vintage?  Drinkable?  Well cellared?  Not likely.

That’s why you need to plan in advance.

Local winemaker friends, Thomas and Jenny Lukas, welcomed their little winemaker, Gabriella, to the world March 27, 2010.  When I ran into Thomas at the gym he was all smiles and friendly chit chat, and pretty awake for having a newborn at home, and told me all about their new baby.

I mentioned that now would be a good time to save a magnum from their own 2010 vintage, and a few others, for her 21st.  (Because Gabby, and her parents, would most likely have a few friends over to celebrate.)

Thomas was a step ahead of me.  He was already planning a Vintage Gabriella label.  Then I thought how cool it would be to have the other local winemakers, from the SCV Vintners and Growers Association, sign the label.  And then give 2010 vintages of their own wines to guarantee enough spares if any bottles didn’t age well.  And be at the birthday party.  And And And.

And plan ahead.  

I’ve already got mine cellared for my daughter.  We had a couple of 20 year old wines at our 20th wedding anniversary.  If you know when you’re retiring, but a bottle from the year you started working.  The year you started your own business.  The year you bought your house to have on the year your mortgage is paid.  (Double magnums if you think you might refinance once or twice.)

Gone are the days of that tacky dollar bill hanging over anything.  Unless Gabby wants to go to Vegas on her 21st.  Then give her the dollar and I’ll stay here to have the wine with Mommy Jenny and Papa Thomas.  

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  1. That's my niece…a little salami lover….I think she'll be 100% Italian… Love you Gabriella,
    Auntie Annie

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