Eve Worked? Not really, but you were all great sports about it. Well, except Larry…

The photo above was snapped at Valencia Wine Company on 7/12 when I took advantage of:
The wine purchased and shared by Mike and Lori Fraschilla, who brought along Mike and Terra Beswick – all up from Simi Valley to celebrate Chef Mike/My Parking Lot Wine Dude’s 50th b-day!  
The glass, mine, a gift from another pal that attended: Marlee Lauffer.

Other guests that supported my “work ethic” included Mitch McMullan of Newhall Coffee sporting his blast of orange Awesometown t-shirt, Julie Jones straight from volunteering at a golf tournament, newest employee Gino took over when Allie made her last Panini, Mark White asking yet again not to print his name and meaning the opposite, Marlee Lauffer, Kenny and Jeannie McMahon, Mary Reuschel, Eddie Bushman, Dave Bossert, Tina Purwin, Laura Garcia, Mary Bradway, Vic Herstein, DiMaggio Washington, Larry Mazzeo, Bill and Maureen Farrar, Guy Le Large and – those that tried to make it too!

I don’t know if I’ll do this anti-theme can’t-work-the-panini-machine type of event again…but I did want to thank friends near and far for coming.  And, or course, for sharing the wine you paid cold hard cash for, with your personal wine 101er.