Buffett opens new hotel on oil soaked Gulf-Coast

(Liking this idea for Florida, but I think wecould use a little stress/heat relief in the old SCV right about nowtoo.  Maybe just a Buffet for Buffett with Maggies on the side…untilwe can get him to sit up and take notice of us folks.)

PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. – For what hissong “Margaritaville” has conjured up in the hearts of tourists, JimmyBuffett’s new Pensacola Beach hotel is stirring those same emotions inthe hearts of business owners along the oil-soaked shores of the GulfCoast.

“I’ve been through hurricanes, earthquakes, I’ve beenshot at by the Jamaican SWAT team, nothing really bothers me,” Buffettsaid.  “We’re going to be open for business come hell or high water.”

“Itmakes a world of difference to us,” says a nearby restaurant owner. “For this establishment to be as beautiful as it is, and open at thetime it does, it’s inspirational to me and my fellow businessmen who’vebeen here for years and years, that we will survive, we will make it. We’ve got confidence that some of the big wigs and big powers are withus.”

Buffett’s hotel boasts breathtaking views, luxurious rooms, and of course margaritas.

The hotel made it its mission to open before the Fourth of July holiday.

With so much of Florida’s economy based on tourism, the hotel also is a sweet song to Governor Charlie Crist.

“JimmyBuffett’s a great Floridian, he cares a lot about our state, clearlycares a lot about our environment.  But his entrepreneurial spiritcannot be put down, no matter what.  And that encourages a lot ofpeople,” Crist said.