One Bottle Post: ALMOST like every other wine blogger…

…except that I’ve always said that I’d never be like regular wine bloggers and just rate wines.  I’ve stuck to that.  In the rare occasion that I attempt it, it still is Eve-il-fied.

The La Aldea Monastrell 2007 “red wine”, Jumilla, Spain.  14% alcohol.  I think it was between $10 – $20 (it was a gift) from Valencia Wine Company.

Nose: Bell peppers and mushrooms and maybe some other vegetal tinge hung on while blackberry pushed its way through.  Thankfully.

Taste: Balanced, dry, high tannins, black cherry muscled out by some white pepper.

Conclusion: I’d pay for this wine again.  I’d sell it to you if given the chance.  88 Eve points.

I meant to try it later with food, which I think I did, but I didn’t note the changes.  I’m still quite the novice in detecting what happens when I add food to my wine notes.  I get that chocolate makes a crappy red taste better, as does over-chilling a bad white. And I even get how Stilton Blue cheese makes my dessert wine soften and add nutty components.

But, when it comes to a red, I’m afraid I’m more guilty than not of the old chew and swallow.  You?