Halloween Cocktails of course! Courtsey: Pamella Fathi

Screwed Screwdriver:
(photo credit: marthastewart.com)

4 oz Snapdragon(available @ www.votrevu.com/iluvvuskincare)
1 1/2 oz Black Vodka
1 black licorice stick for garnish
PourSnapdragon over ice into highball glass, then pour vodka over the backof a spoon into glass to float over juice. Slice off ends of licoricestick and use as a straw.

The Zombie

4 oz. Snapdragon(w/mango, pomegranate, acai berry, plus green, white and red tea)
1 oz White rum
1 oz Dark rum
1 1/2 oz Amber rum
3/4 oz 151-proof rum
1/4 oz Apricot Brandy
1 oz Lime juice


In a shaker half-filled with ice, combine the white,dark, and amber rum with the brandy, lime juice, and Snapdragon. Shakevigorously and strain into a chilled cocktail glass, neat, or a collinsglass filled halfway with ice. Float the 115 proof rum on top (set iton fire at your own risk!)