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Last Friday, Oct. 29th, I was on my way home fromwork and decided to check out a new wine store, TOTAL WINE, on Tampa andNordhoff.

I walked in and immediately felt like a kid in the biggestcandy store imaginable!  The storeis HUGE, clean, categorized by regions (i.e. Spain, Italy, France, etc.) andextremely well organized – and that’s just the WINE portion of the show.  Additionally, this store is packed withliquor of all kinds and sizes, as well as a beer section that I didn’t evenhave the chance to really check out. They have a chilled wine section where all the “big boys” are kept ….Man, did I have fun looking at THOSE wines!  They have all types of wine accessories as well. 
While browsing, several people asked if I needed help.  I thought I’d ask a few questions toone of the gals that had approached me (questions that being a wine student Ialready knew the answers to), and to my surprise, the people were unbelievablyknowledgeable, not to mention friendly! 
I was asked by the wine manager if I had done any of thetastings (no, because I was like Alice in Wonderland walking around thisplace!)  I decided to tryCalcareous (a winery out of Paso Robles, CA).   I met the owner who was pouring wine, and bought a bottleof York Mountain Cab.  Oh, and bythe way, the tastings are 10 cents! 
I ventured to the back where there was an additional tastingroom, and I had Chimney Rock and a few others.  Again, VERY friendly and knowledgeable people aspourers!  Ironically while backthere, I heard a couple mentioning that “Eve should be here to check thisout”.  I said are you talking aboutEve Bushman?  Uh, yes ….. well,what a small wine world it is out there. I told the couple I knew her as well!
I was there for almost two hours, and still didn’t even get tocover the entire store like I had wanted to!  I ended up buying three bottles of wine as well – the Cabmentioned above as well as two 2005 bottles of Bordeaux. 
I would HIGHLY recommend this awesome store … the 10 cent winetastings are Friday till 6pm, Saturdays and Sundays …. You can’t beat it!

5 thoughts on “Terri Templeton Discovers: Total Wine

  1. Thanks so much for the nice post! We're tickled you had a super visit. I agree, our team is tops – we look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Looks like someone is a cab fan? What other wines are your favorite?

    Greg Tuttle
    Product education manager
    Total Wine & More
    Twitter: @Totalwine
    Facebook: facebook.com/totalwineandmore

  2. Greg, I will forward your comment to Terri! (It was her first blog post for me.) After her visit it prompted 6 of us to meet there for a "comprehensive visit". When you ask about Terri's Cab favorites,I bet she would say that you have it covered at Total Wine!

  3. Hi Greg — actually been there twice now …. spent a boatload of cash the last time! Actually, I bought the cab for my boss … but my favs are pinots and red Bordeaux-type blends usually …. actually anything red … and yes, you DEFINITELY have it ALL there and then some! Still very impressed!

    The sales staff is amazing …. they really know their stuff.

    Looking forward to tasting there again!

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