From my fellow non-wine columnist at The West Ranch Beacon: John Boston

Hey Eve,

Typing like a madman. Trying to get out the word about the following: Can you help get out the word? Hope to see you soon for my yearly glass of wine… Johnny B

Finally, we launched the new, improved Sunday night, Nov. 14, 2010.

We’re still constructing. But we’ve got up and running:

•            The John Boston Blog — my regular commentary and essays

•            Job Hunter — a humorous regular feature from a Nuevo-caveman’s perspective about looking for work in this economy

•            Daily English Muffins — inspiration, trivia and actual how-to method on how to fix just about anything that’s wrong in your life, from my upcoming world’s most unique quote book

•            Cable Access Celebrity Stare Contest

•            The Boston Bookstore — a growing library of non-fiction, novels and other ebooks.

•            And, well — a host of other stuff.

If and only if you like what you see and read, I ask a small favor. Tell 10 friends. Ask them that if they like it, please tell 10 friends. And so on…

Vaya con Dios,
John Boston