Rusty Sly to fellow wine lovers: Come on!

Have you ever wanted to taste some high end wines to find out for yourself if they are really worth $100 or more? 

The Cellar Wine Bar is offering such a tasting on Dec 22 at 6PM for $45/person.  The owner, DiMaggio Washington, is even going a step further by having them tasted blind.  This will be an opportunity to try wines that have a little age as well as wines from different regions and terroir.  

The list will include the following: 05 Quintessa Cab, 04 Dominus Cab, 06 Faust Cab, 03 Chateau Coutelin-Merville Bordeaux, 04 La Sizeranne Hermatage, 04 LaBoure Nuit-Saint George and 05 Brown Ranch Saintsbury Pinot. 

Come on GOTN folks and fellow wine lovers. This is a rare opportunity.  Don’t pass it up.  Call The Cellar and reserve a spot at Phone: 661-799-7979. You won’t be sorry.

Rusty Sly