For 2011 I resolve to…

Make it easier on myself and set resolutions I WANT TO KEEP:

From a winemaker friend who shall remain nameless: I will try a little wine before spin class.

From a fellow WSET grad Cathy Martin: I will pour at Pulchella’s Tasting Room because they will be packed to the rafters.

From a local Paso fiend: Yes, I have my reservations and WILL GET THERE.

From DiMaggio Washington: I’ll think about WSET Level 3 for 2012!

From Dr. Joel Fisher, LA Wine Fest and SCV Wine Fest Founder:  I will be your Wine Princess/Hostess at SCV Wine Fest February 12.

From old pal Mary Harmon-y: Of course I’ll resolve never to drink bad wine, that’s what “wine tasting” is for!

From Gary Warburton, winemaker for Chateau Pacific in Manhattan Beach: I will be there on February 5 for the “Meatball Madness Bottling featuring Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio with perhaps a cameo appearance by a certain fat red rodent, more surprises and then something sweet before Grand Marnier and Cuban cigars.”

From my decorator, Pam Jaffke: I will drink wine in my new kitchen before my checks clear!

From staff writer Michael Perlis: I will drink my his Turley Zin.

From staff writer Rusty Sly: I will drink his wife’s Hendricks Gin.

From my husband: I will master the waiter’s corkscrew without any of his friggin’ help.

From my mother:  I will keep making a decent living as a writer.

2 thoughts on “For 2011 I resolve to…

  1. I stopped making resolutions years ago. Now I just try to live every day with eyes on the road ahead as I get closer and closer to my goal. It's all about the journey! Cheers, Eve! I look forward to more wine adventures with you in 2011!

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