Eve asks, “Do You Know Your LuLu B.?”

Recently I had the opportunity to try some pre-made cocktails from LuLu B. – each version is lighter in calories and carbohydrates than the original. I also discovered during my taste tests other differences, notably, that when you make your own cocktails or order them from a bartender, they can sometimes have too sugary a taste and contain too much alcohol.

With the same amount of alcohol as a bottle of wine – 15% for the Chocolate Martini and 12.7% for the Margarita – Eddie and I could have at least two cocktails each from one bottle and still have something else if we wanted to.  You can serve as an aperitif or digestif, over ice, or just shaken in ice.

Tasting LuLu B’s Margarita

LuLu B. Mint Margarita

I somehow thought I had LuLu B’s Mojito to try.  I crushed some ice and mint into a highball glass…before I realized it was a Margarita.  Very refreshing before dinner.

My husband made the second one with a fresh lemon edge.  There was one more left in the bottle…and he stole it to pair excellently with a (baked) fried chicken I had made for dinner.  Clear with aromas of lemon, lime (and mint!).  The taste was clean and light.

Tasting LuLu B’s Chocolate Martini

LuLu B. Chocolate Martini set up

I poured half of the bottle into my martini shaker and filled with ice, shook, then poured into two iced martini glasses.  I served with Girls Scout thin mints and brownies.  It was a prefect after dinner libation as dinner had more than filled us up, and a plate of cookies would have been far more caloric!  Clear in color and, with my eyes closed, the aroma of chocolate milk.


In doing a little research I came across a great article in Tasting Panel magazine that interviews Michael Shetler, the director of Beverage at Las Vegas’ Aria, on what is hot right now.  On Skinny Drinks Shetler said, “… Low calorie spirits – and some of them are very well-made – are low in sugar and alcohol, so they’re lacking somewhat in body and flavor.  That’s why I’m focusing on fresh fruit ingredients for low-calorie offerings on each of our lounge menus, along with housemade mixers and fresh juices to naturally enhance the sugar level lacking in the spirits.”

I totally agree, pairing the chocolate martini with a little bit of dessert and adding mint or lemon to the Margarita worked.  It also got me thinking of other fresh fruits and spices I could add!  The possibilities are endless.

From LuLu B.

These pre-mixed cocktails are soft on calories and carbs, are made with natural flavors and are the perfect excuse for a fun night in with your girlfriends!  We recommend each of the cocktails to be served chilled over ice, and garnished to your liking!

Lulu B. Chocolate Martini- So decadently delicious, it’s like drinking your dessert! Made with premium vodka, Crème de Cacao and natural chocolate flavors and aromas. Only 48 calories per serving.

Lulu B. Margarita -A blend of premium tequila, Triple Sec and natural lime flavors and natural sweetener, each serving is only 38 calories.

Also available are delicious Cran Cosmo and Mojito!

Lulu B.’s Fabulous Cocktails provide guiltless, convenient, and authentic cocktail combinations, making modern entertaining with your girlfriends easy! Each of the Lulu B. Fabulous Cocktails start with a base of premium spirits, then are infused with natural fruit, herb or chocolate flavor extracts and aromas, a la aromatherapy in a glass!

Lulu B. Fabulous Cocktails will be available nationwide as of April 1, 2012. A 750 ml bottle retails for .

99.  For more information, including photos and recipes, please visit Lulu B. Wine’s Facebook page and website http://www.lulub.com/