Rusty Sly on: Goodridge Pottery Wine Glasses

Tracy and I went to a new restaurant on Lyons Ave in Santa Clarita called Bricks on Lyons.
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  Tracy is a huge hamburger aficionado and that is their specialty.  They also have a nice selection of beers from Belgium, England etc.  While we were ordering I got into a conversation about my passion for fine wines and beers with our server Kyle Goodridge.  It is here that he started to tell me about his dad’s passion for making ceramic pottery including custom wine glasses.

Rob Goodridge started throwing clay while in college at the University of California Santa Barbara in 1974.

 His hobby started out by making pots for the dozens of house plants he had and figured it would be a cheap way to make new pots when the plant out grew the one it was in.  Not only was it more economical but he found that making pottery was a great diversion from his studies in Chemistry, but as a love of a hobby grows one finds it is not as economical as originally thought.  One of his best memories in college was sitting in downtown Isla Vista throwing pottery and watching the student life pass by.  After accomplishing his goal and graduating he received as a graduation gift a pottery wheel which he still uses today.

For the last 35 years he has created pottery as gifts and when he grew tired of the latest set of dishes in his cabinet he would make a new set.  He has made a number of pottery wine glasses over the years, and never used them.  If you’ve ever drank wine out of pottery you would know why. So wanting something creative for wines he felt he finally hit the right combination,  a  stem-less glass attached to a porcelain base.  His motive was a dislike for the delicate stems most wine glasses offer, and it turns out he is not alone.

The porcelain base offers a comfortable grip, the weight adds stability to the wine glass, and a variety of colors makes for easy identification after a night of serious tasting.
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  Rob informed me that he also make these with crystal glasses for wine snobs like myself.

After having fine crystal glasses break in my hands, I can see this as a very unique concept of providing a safe, stable wineglass plus the fine benefits of having the regular glass or crystal to view and taste your wine.  If you are interested in purchasing wine glasses or other ceramic pieces his website is I found these glasses very unique not only with the benefits mentioned but also very eye catching.


Rusty Sly