Provide Unique Video Advertising with the SCV Unscripted Team (Eve is your host!)

If you haven’t already heard the buzz, well now you have.  SCV Unscripted is the newest production of Prime Publications, Inc., publishers of The Magazine of Santa Clarita and élite Magazine.

Together with Bonnie Keith, owner of Video Magic Production, and Eve Bushman as host, SCV Unscripted is dedicated to bringing even more awareness and publicity to your business or organization through use of video marketing.

Unscripted bannerYou may ask, “Why video?”  Using a mix of print as well as video marketing strategies makes the most sense.

With print ads, you have your chance to tell your stories using headlines, images and copy. With video, you can tell your story with movement and emotion.  So why not put your marketing dollars to good use with both?

The talented professionals at SCV Unscripted are here to help.  Let the experts bring your business or organization into the 21st century with a personalized video…short, expressive, and impactful…unscripted.  With only 90 minutes of filming time out of your day, Eve will lead the way as host with Bonnie behind the camera.  Bonnie will then take her 30 years of video production experience and work her magic, creating a five minute video that can be uploaded to any social website, YouTube or presented on DVD.  Participating advertisers of The Magazine of Santa Clarita and élite Magazine will also enjoy the benefits of video production, as your video will be promoted on our website, which receives over a thousand hits per day.  Using your print advertising to improve your online visibility by pushing people to your website and social networking is proven to be effective.

Ready, set…and now it’s time for action!  The first ten videos produced will receive a reduced rate.  For details, contact Moe Hafizi at 661-294-4444 ext. 112, or email  For more information about SCV Unscripted, visit  See you on the web!  (Note: This is for all kinds of businesses, not just wine-based companies.  You can also email Eve with any questions: