Vintage Beacon Circa 7/10: How Red, White and Blue was your Holiday?

My 4th of July celebration started early, 7/1 to be exact. Now it’s July 9 and I’m still dreaming about friends, live music, wine, tri tip BBQ, more wine, more BBQ…

All Corked Up held it’s 5th annual Red, White and Blue party on 7/1 to “kick start” a weekend full of celebrations. I liked the idea as my weekend was to be filled with family.

This was a way to fill a night of my own with friends over wine. Gotta love America.

ACU LogoThe Food

The excellent “sides” were from Chef Liz Pack: “We had a Southwest Salad consisting of Roasted Corn, Jicama, Cilantro, Cheese, Red, Yellow and Orange Peppers in a BBQ Ranch Dressing. I made Baked Beans with Bacon, Caramelized Onions and Sweet and Smokey Flavorings. Roasted Corn brushed with garlic butter.

It was a fabulous evening and we had a great turn out. As I was working in the kitchen, I was hearing all the laughter and joy coming from the guests and I loved it!! Can’t wait to do it again…Happy 4th!”

BBQ Galore

I spent quite a bit of time listening to, and learning from, Jeff Marr Area Manager for Barbeques Galore.  The tri tips we were enjoying had been cooked in a Big Green Egg with flavored wood added on top of the charcoal.
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Duplicating the smoke flavor on a gas grill is simple and only requires a $10 smoker box and some flavored wood chips.

“The smoker box is for a gas grill and the flavored wood you place in the box, Hickory, Apple, etc. is what provides flavor, “ began Jeff. “On a charcoal grill the charcoal is your heat source. The wood would go on top of the charcoal and no smoker box is needed.”

Jeff was very amicable to teaching us how to cook at the Valencia store: Call ahead and arrange to bring in your own meat, and either come back in 3 hours to taste the end result or stay and learn.  They bring the grills outside to smoke them up for you. 661-284-6880.  (I’m taking Jeff up on the idea of doing it at my house.  Three couples, my meat, their BBQ and a story in the making!)

Sandi Gordon, a guest at our table had this to say, “I would also like to add that Jeff’s passion on food being so evident, really drew us in to want to know more about different sources of the food’s preparation. Why not learn more about the endless eating pleasure of BBQ-ing, which in California lasts even through the winter months!  Lots of great food to pair with tasty wines.”

BBQ Galore CA Cooking School Address: 10455 Reserve Drive, Ste 152
San Diego, CA 92127
At the 4S Commons Town Center 
Just 2-miles West of the 15 Frwy at Rancho Bernardo Rd and Dove Canyon Rd 
Phone: 858.674.7399

Seen Over Wine

Michael and Karen Perlis, Bob Jones and Susie Q Majesky, Roger and Donna Green, Mike Harris and Donna Louis, John and Debora Martin, Eddie Bushman, John Adams and Sandi Gordon, David Schutz, Chef Liz Pack, DiMaggio Washington, Shannon Bohte, Trisha Lucero, Norm Amabile, Andrew Kahn, Jeff and Ruby Whitefield, Bill McBee and Debbie Clark, Derrick and Maureen McKaughan, Shipwreck Bob Schwemmer, Doug Gould, Jeff Marr, Chuck and Marca Johnson, Steve and Julie Sturgeon, David Dow and Lisa Hawkins Blower and Vic Herstein.

Eve Bushman has been reading, writing, taking coursework and tasting wine for over 20 years.
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  She has obtained a Level Two Intermediate Certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, has been the subject of a 60-minute
Wine Immersion video, authored “Wine Etiquette for Everyone” and recently served as a guest judge for the L.A. International Wine Competition.  You can email to ask a question about wine or spirits that may be answered in a future column. You can also seek her marketing advice via