Coolest Wine Education site EVER for SCV! (Vintage Eve Circa 12/2008)

DiMaggio Washington, the wine teacher I rave about on this site, has a new website that is oh-so-cool:
DiMaggio Washingon’s vineyards

I actually watched the slide show and listened to the intro music only wishing I had waited until later in the day so I could have a glass of wine to share it with. From there I lingered over the calendar section as just a linger was all you needed over each date to see the menu and wine to be covered.

There’s an “About Us” section that can answer any question you might have, registration, and, if you are daring…take the quiz.
Suffice to say this Wine 101-er needs another DiMaggio class before I am confident enough to take him and his quizzes on.
Check it out!