Portuguese Cork Association and Cork Quality Council to Donate $70,000 for California Fire Relief, Plant 200 Cork Oaks Trees

NEW YORK (PRWEB) – The Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) and the California-based Cork Quality Council (CQC), and its member companies – Portocork, Amorim Cork America, Scott Laboratories, M.A. Silva Corks USA, Lafitte Cork & Capsule, and Cork Supply USA – have made a combined donation of $70,000 to assist the victims of the 2017 North Bay wild fires. In addition, the CQC has pledged a donation of 200 cork oak trees to be planted in support of reforestation efforts.

Industry_Stoppers-28“For decades, California wine producers and Portuguese cork producers have worked together to provide quality wine to tables around the world, building both business relationships and a strong, supportive community” says APCOR president João Rui Ferreira. “In the aftermath of these terrible fires, we remain united to ensure the well-being of our friends in California and to help protect the future of the California wine industry.”

$70,000 in aid has been donated directly to the North Bay Fire Relief Fund, established by the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund, in partnership with Redwood Credit Union, the Press Democrat, and Senator Mike McGuire.

“The Napa Valley Community Foundation and the Redwood Credit Union are both providing direct aid to those in need,” says Peter Weber, Executive Director of the CQC.

Along with the monetary donation, the CQC has pledged to plant 200 cork oaks in areas affected by the fires.

“Cork oaks have been grown successfully in California for over a century, since we enjoy a similar climate to that of the species’ native Mediterranean region,” says Weber. “We have a shared responsibility to protect the environment, especially following these devastating wildfires. Cork oaks make extremely positive contributions to the environment.”

For more information about APCOR, visit http://www.apcor.pt and http://www.100percentcork.org. You can follow APCOR on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For more information about the CQC, visit http://www.corkqc.com. For questions about APCOR, please contact Krisna Bharvani or Josh Zoland of Colangelo & Partners.

About APCOR:
The Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) exists to promote natural cork and its products. APCOR is the employers’ association of the cork sector that represents, promotes and carries out research in the Portuguese cork industry. It was created in 1956 and is based in Santa Maria de Lamas, in the council of Santa Maria da Feira, at the heart of the cork industry around 30 kilometers from Porto, Portugal’s second largest city. Membership of the association is open to all companies operating in the fields of production, marketing or export of cork products. The organization advocates on behalf of the Portuguese cork industry worldwide and is the driving force of an industry based on tradition, innovation and sustainability.

About the CQC:
Based in Napa, California, the Cork Quality Council (CQC) is a nonprofit organization founded to promote education and improved quality assurance procedures for the wine and cork industries. The CQC is sponsored by select wine cork supplies, and its membership includes Portocork, Amorim Cork America, Scott Laboratories, M.A. Silva Corks USA, Lafitte Cork & Capsule, and Cork Supply USA.