Eve Makes: The Williams Sonoma Kits: Crab Cakes and Molten Chocolate Cakes

“I’m having a food baby”…my daughter’s lament when she over eats became mine on my birthday when Eddie made crab cakes AND Molten Chocolate cakes for dinner.  Both came from Williams Sonoma starter kits and both, were, incredible:

Crab Cake Starter Kit from Williams Sonoma


One pound real lump Crab Meat (found at Whole Foods), 8 oz Mayonnaise, Egg and Olive Oil.

For Lemon Aioli: Lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper.

Everything else needed is in the kit!


follow pkg
Makes 12 miniature crab cakes

Molten Chocolate Cake Kit from Williams Sonoma

Only need two cubes unsalted butter, water, ice cream or whipped cream and 10 ramekins!


Same as above, follow pkg.

Makes 10 unless you drop one and make 9 like we did.