A story in Pictures: Eve at Pinot Days Gone Wild

Eve’s Wine 101 4-ticket winner Dana Heimdahl Chernault.

This handsome Sommelier, George Skorka, got caught with an empty glass
between myself and Tamara Brown.

Jeff Levine, myself and the Browns.

Susie Majesky and Bob Jones were arriving as we were leaving. We tried to leave them a little.

Yelp buddy Laura Garcia.

I’m flanked by fellow wine bloggers from the San Fernando Valley,
Denise Lowe on my right and Xochitl Maiman on my left. Blogger heaven.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend as my guest, press or trade to a wine event…it’s like an E ticket. Getting to meet winemakers (and they know you are interested in their wine and what they have to say) is a mutually rewarding experience. Either way, be polite, share the table with other tasters, and wait for the winemakers to share what they’ve got
hidden – underneath – the – table.

(My full story on the wine, people and cheese is at http://westranchbeacon.com after 8am this morning.)