First Rooftop Party at the WineHouse

(Once again your intrepid Wine 101 reporter is looking for a lift.  One that is sober.  So that I can partake of everything on this cocktail menu and then share it with you.  Promise.  All you have to do is get me there, and then, get me to sober up to write about it for you.  Not to mention, the rooftop party is also attractive as it’s much cooler in Santa Monica in June than it is here at home in 
the Santa Clarita/Death Valley.)

Up On The Roof…A Libation Celebration

Sunday, June 13th  5pm-10pm
@ The Wine House
$75 all inclusive
Sign up now and pay only $100 for every two tickets you purchase…a savings of $50 per couple!

There will be many fine mixed drinks and plenty of straight sipping for the purist in us all.  Plus, we’ll dance to live music; Learn how to dance from hot dance instructors, male and female; Dress up glam; Get your shine on with friends; Eat fine food courtesy of Executive Chef Todd Barrie, who will be hosting gourmet food stations around the roof top.

This is our first year hosting a night time Spirits Fest, and thinking this through carefully, we’ve decided classic cocktails rock.  So this year we’ll host simple, elegant, classic recipes, some with twists, executed the best way possible, with great product. Here’s just a dozen magical mixtures you can expect:

Pierre Ferrand Sidecars
Tito’s Vodka Moscow Mules
Casa Noble Margaritas
Highland Park 12 Blood and Sands
Grappa Poli Mielle Mojitos
Ketel Oranje You Glad You Like Bacon (ok, this one is old but new)
Cadenhead Gin Aviations
Bacardi 8 Mai Tai’s
Macallan Penicillins
Amaro Montenegro Rocks!
Oxley Gin Grapefruit Collins
Leblon Cachaça and Cherry Herring Brazillionaires
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