Chef 101 HumpDay: Persian Chicken Not From Prague

Visiting Prague was a highlight of a European trip my husband Eddie and I took more than a dozen years ago.  Just stealing a cobblestone from the ancient streets wasn’t enough for me.  The sherbet colored buildings, complete with turrets, couldn’t fit in my suitcase. And the best chicken dish we’ve ever had (and this includes great chicken in France) was in Prague.  We searched for many years to find it, many times checking the WorldWideWeb, we still couldn’t locate the restaurant or the recipe.  It had poached peaches…and that’s all we can remember.

I found Persian Chicken and Peaches in my new favorite cookbook, Jambalaya, that I’ve quoted before.  I also couldn’t find the recipes online so I have to photograph my favorites from the cookbook’s pages:

 I missed the blogger’s class on food photography.  Sorry.

Anyway, even though I paired my chicken with a bag o’ Caesar salad and a ball of Hawaiian bread, it was awesome.  Don’t know if it was the same in Prague as in Persia, but it was close enough.

And this Chef 101er had no problem doing the flour/marjoram/parsley mixture for the chicken.  It was new for me to do, but fairly simple.  And, of course, I had never heard of Marjoram before, or since.  The lemon juice, peach syrup and honey really rounded out the flavors.  We voted to have this again.  Which is good as I gotta use up that Marjoram somehow.

If by chance you have a great Chicken and Peach recipe, please send it or comment.  I’m still searching for my original favorite.