From Cathy Craig and Where’s My Damn Answer: Chocolate Petite Syrah Port Ganache Recipe

This is an amazing and simple recipe.  You will absolutely  impressyour guests.  Got this recipe while Wine Tasting at a called “Granite Springs” 

18 ounces – Semisweet Chocolate Chips (3 cups)
1 Cup – Heavy Cream
1/2 Cup – Petite Syrah (Sirah) Port (any port will work)
2 Tbsp – Butter (cut up)
1 Tsp – Vanilla Extract

In a 2 quart glass measure, combine chocolate chips and heavycream.  Heat in the microwave oven on high for about 3 minutes or untilmelted and smooth when stirred.  Stir in butter and vanilla.  Then addthe Petite Syrah (Sirah) Port.

Cover and refrigerate for a couple hours or until the ganache holds it shape.

Serving suggestions:  Roll into little balls and coat with cocopowder or anything else you can think of that goes with chocolate.  Itcan also be remelted over brownies / cake / bread pudding or icecream.  You can definatly experiment and use your imagination.

(Used by permission from Cathy Craig from the Where’s My Damn Answer website.)