This week’s YouTubes: Two Cats and a TOGA!

What happens in The Cellar decidedly doesn’t stay in The Cellar.  I just got home.  This post won’t go up until tomorrow.  Giddy from picking up my WSET Level 2 Certification, tasting wine with Michael Perlis, Claudia Sheridan, “Shipwreck” Bob Schwemmer, Vic Herstein…and of course, the reason I went to the Cellar: 

Chris and Patty Connolly of the newly minted Les Deux Chats winery, the latest winemakers from the Santa Clarita Vintners and Growers Association to go commercial. 

The second video is all about DiMaggio going Greek.  Yes, Greek wine, Greek fare and toga! toga! toga at a wine event!

All of the info is at: