Special edition of Chef 101: What can you do in your kitchen…when it’s being remodeled?

Back in the days when I worked out of the house, it will be a year this April, I would have loved not having to make dinner.  Now, that making new dinner recipes fills this blog every Wednesday, and cooking has become part of “my job”, I kind of miss trying out new recipes and bagging writing about them in this blog.

I guess I could talk about the remodeling, but I plan on doing my Thursday YouTubes in the kitchen as it progresses so you can see what’s happening (The one from 2/3/11 showed you the crazy granite we had and my lack of wine…at that moment.)

So today I’ll just tell you what we’ve been able to whip up ourselves sans silverware, dishes, stove, oven and…imagination.  

Me, Carrie, Jackie and Dana

The day before this post is scheduled to run – yes I write ahead – I have three Facebook friends, Dana Chernault, Jackie Clavon and Carrie DuShey, coming over to test Arthur Przebinda’s (redwinebuzz.com) theory about Russian and Polish vodkas.

To be fair, Arthur is Polish and believes (see post from 1/28/11) that “If it’s not from Russia or Poland it’s not vodka.”  So, we thought we’d taste test a few, along with a bacon-infused one that Carrie is bringing. 

So far, in fact, without having a kitchen to cook in we’ve been most successful in making cocktails and opening wine.  I had specifically not packed: two wine, two martini and two old fashioned glasses. (Which reminds me, I better unpack a dozen or so more for our tasting.  And thank the ladies for bringing food for pairing as I anticipated still not having a kitchen!)

For food?  Well, as this post draws to a close, and I recall that it’s supposed to be humpday recipes…err…dining out has worked!  We got the new fridge in, ordered pizza one night, but the next day there was a horrible metal tinge taste.  Not to mention we had to drink single malt scotch the way I prefer (but Eddie doesn’t) sans ice as the pesky ice maker has too run two full loads before use.  Betting there would have been a pesky metal taste to our ice had we not abided by that rule.

So where did we dine out?  Well, as this column is longer than my usual, I’ll save that list, the one that gives a good shout out to my local favorites, to next week.

So now you can feel what it’s like to wait for something….and be left with nothing but cold, hard, metal….and just the thought of vodka, in your mouth.

(Oh, even though I write ahead, I can edit.  So if you have some ideas for dinner, places I will surely have missed, comment or e-mail me: ebushman@earthlink.net.)