TWO bottle post – oh yea – Pascal Jolivet Sancerre and Benessere Rosato

Two completely opposite wines reviewed in one post!  Somebody stop me!  A sancerre (French sauvignon blanc for my wine 101ers) and a “Rosato” (Really a rosé but you know how we like to fiddle with the names of blends) from Napa.

Starting with the sancerre:

2009 Pascal Jolivet, 13% alcohol, real cork in good condition.

Color: Clear, pale straw.

Aroma: Fresh and aromatic, crisp, lemon, grapefruit, fresh mown grass and the palest hint of honey.

Taste: High acid, lemon and grapefruit are bitingly crisp and tangy.

Finish: Long acidic finish, quite pleasant lime.

Noted from the back label: The soil is 50% limestone, 30% chalky soil and 20% flint.  No added yeast.

I purchased this at Bev Mo for less than $20 and I would purchase it again.  91 Eve points


2010 Benessere “Rosato” rosé table wine, Napa Valley, 13.6% alcohol, clean cork.

Color: Pale cranberry with a slight almond-colored edge, clear.

Aroma: Cranberry again, strawberry, lots of bright red cherry fruit.

Taste: Low acidity, bowl of jam-packed red fruit, young, some slight white peppper.

Finish: Short to medium.

Notes from the website:  Blend of sangiovese, zinfandel and merlot juices.

This was sent to me from the winemaker with 10 other bottles to sample and review.

For $16 buckerooos I thought it a nice picnic wine to have with cold ham sandwiches.  And, though I’m more fond of an aromatic French rosé than some of the sweet versions made in the U.S. that I’ve had, this one was quite pleasurable.  88 Eve pts.