Chef Jack Madden Makes: Hearty Wine Vintners Soup

A blend of hardy flavors to enhance the palate.
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The combination of the intense flavors of wine, beef and chicken stocks, herbs and spices brings to this serving a complete taste experience that will delight all of your diners.

Serves 4

1 Bottle Zinfandel
1 Bottle Sauvignon  Blanc
2 cups beef stock
1 cup chicken stock
½ cup tomato juice
4 chopped green onion
6 chopped garlic cloves
1 Tbs rosemary
1 Tbs chopped fresh Basil
1 tsp Sage
¼ Tsp ground pepper
1  tsp sugar
2 Tbs sour cream on each serving
Salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in a medium size pot.  Add salt last before your ready to serve.

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Bring to a slow simmer until volume is decreased by one half. (about an hour)

Next add sugar ¼ tsp at a time slowly, tasting as you add to achieve the correct blending of the flavors you desire.

Serve in soup bowls with 2 Tbs sour cream floating on top.

“You don’t need to serve wine with this, but I’ll have a glass”.