Joseph Brooke and the Highland Goldmine

When I saw this photo on Facebook of L.
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A.’s Next Door Lounge Head Barman Joseph Brooke, also a former America’s Top Bartender,  I thought…Hmm a cocktail made with Macallan single malt scotch?

  Would he give up the recipe for Eve Wine 101 readers?

  Yep, he did:

Joseph Brooke and his Macallan Cocktail

Hi Eve!  It’s actually a ridiculously simple riff on a gold rush, called the “highland goldmine”.  Mac 12, clover honey syrup, lemon juice.  Throw in a dash of rose water (or lavender bitters), and you’ve got yourself a spicy meat-a-ball.

To which one of his Facebook pals remarked: “Read that backward and was disappoint to hear that there is no meatball in it. 2012 should find more meat in my cocktails.

I agree with both of them!  Here’s to one heck of a spicy meatball for 2012!
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